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Travel Planning Tips

1. Consider buying used paperbacks and leaving them behind when you are done.
You'll have more room in your bags for souvenirs and someone else can share in a good read.

2. If you travel with glasses or contacts, always bring a backup.
If you don't have an extra pair, bring along a current copy of your prescription so you can go to a one-hour eye center to get a replacement.

3. If you are traveling by air, remember to pack snacks for your trip.
Many airlines do not provide meals on flights, and you will be prepared if you get hungry on the plane

4. Pack Clothes in more suitable way
Put jackets to the bottom of the luggage, skirts and trousers in the middle and winter clothes upper to provide pillow effect.

5. Pack small and fragile items inside your shoes.
This helps save space in your bag, and will offer better padding for breakables.

6. Call ahead to see if there is a hairdryer in the hotel room.
If your hotel room has one, which all Best Western Hotels do, you can save space for other items in your suitcase

7. Do not forget to apply for International Roaming for your cell phone.
This helps people who want to reach you anytime.

8. Make Sure all of your baggage is labeled with your name and phone number.

Use your cell phone number and you will be easier to contact while travelling

9. Every hotel room should have a plastic bag in the closet for dry cleaning
This is a great bag to use for durty laundry, damp clothes or shoes.

10. Put your valuables in your hand bag.
In case of luggage lost you will be sure that your valuables are safe. Also pack extra underwears and socks in your handbag.

11. If you're traveling with small children, consider packing a complete outfit in a resalable freezer bag.
This way you can easily get the kids dressed in the hotel room without going through the entire suitcase.

12. Pack clothes that complement other items in your bag.
This limits the number of outfits and shoes you carry which will lighten your load.

13. Buy travel sized toiletries at the drugstore, or purchase small plastic containers to hold your favorite lotion or shampoo.
If you are flying, remember the carry on rules for carrying liquids and gels.

As always, with Best Western's BestRequests™ program many toiletry items are found in our hotel rooms . If not, any forgotten items are usually available at the front desk including toothpaste, razors and a mending kit.

14. Be sure that you take your sun creams with you.
If you are travelling to seaside ensure that you have your sun cream.

15. Buy an extra memory card for your digital camera.
This way you do not need to worry about the space on your memory card.

Most of all, remember to have fun!